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street vending and sidewalks

People are taking to the streets (and sidewalks) more than ever.

We have noticed a marked increase in interest in street vendors, street foods, and a populist activism reconsidering how to use sidewalks and other public spaces. We find new energy and promise in moving away from talk about general “informality” to a discussion about specific livelihoods and their place in the city that mixes class lines. We welcome suggestions for more links.

The other page of links we assembled concerns critical cartography.


street vending organizing and planning


Portland Food Cart Study

Food Carts in Portland

Street Vendor Project

Vendy Awards LA

Boston Downtown Crossing Pushcarts


street vending maps

Image:, Bangkok Street Food Map

NYC Chinatown Street Vending Map

Washington DC Food Vendor Map 2007

Madison, WI: Regulated Vending


sidewalk scholarship

Mitchell Duneier

Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris and Renia Ehrenfeucht

Margaret Crawford

Nicholas Blomley

Alfonso Morales


designers + sidewalks

Image: Candy Chang, Street Vending Guide to NYC and Know the Law in NYC

Swiss Army Knife Kiosk

Street Use Blog

Global Street Food Exhibit

24 Hour Market

Improv Everywhere: The Tourist Lane (NYC)

Park(ing) Day

Parklets from Rebar


street vending and sidewalks: in the news

2.28.2012 | NPR | Food Trucks and Weddings

2.23.2012 | Smithsonian | Top 20 Food Trucks in the U.S.

10.13.2010 | NPR | Food Trucks Taking Sidewalks By Storm

08.13.2010 | NYT | Sidewalk Entrepreneurs grow up

07.26.2010 | London Evening Standard | Divided Pavements

02.23.2010 | NYT | Sidewalks + Identity

11.10.2009 | GOOD | sidewalks = widewalks